Monday, June 30, 2014

Healthcare to architecture/construction

I want to start a new career in the field of construction and architecture but my background is in healthcare (MD) in the UK. Having already spent many years in school I have been looking for a role in construction administration assistant / assistant to architect to gain some work experience and be sure of my path before enrolling for something like a graduate masters degree in Architecture. 

I wonder if you can suggest any other resources for getting into a career in this field? Where can I start to gain the skills required for these roles (e.g. building design software and basics in construction, building codes)? 


My direct expertise is in the process of becoming an architect so I am not sure how much assistance I can be for entering either construction administration or assistant to the architect.

With that said, I would do an assessment of your skills that would be transferable to the field of architecture and construction.  As for developing direct skills needed, you may consider returning to education.  For the specific software, there are a few online training website - and black spectacles.

I cannot speak for the UK, but aspiring architects in the U.S. must participate in IDP - Intern Development Program which is the experience component of becoming an architect.  One resource is the Emerging Professionals Companion - -- It is a great resource to learn what is needed to become an architect.

I would also contact professional associations in the field - RIBA in the UK or the AIA in the US.

I hope this is a start for you - BEST.

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