Sunday, August 23, 2009

BA Art History to MArch

I am a returning student (been out of school for five years) and want to finish my degree in Art History, which I am only 20 credits away from achieving. I attended Indiana University in Bloomington and I am returning to Indiana University/ Purdue University which offers an Architectural Technology program. I discussed my plan with an Architectural Tech. advisor and she told me that she didn't see a correlation between the two study programs. I intend to take the courses necessary for this program, however she advised me that I am unable to declare it as my minor/ concentration since it is only offered as an A.S. degree. My goal is to work in structure/ design and become an architect; my question is- When I graduate with my BA in Art History do I apply to undergraduate programs in Architecture? or am I eligible to apply to a Masters program?

I appreciate your time and help in this matter.

When you complete your BA in Art History, you will be eligible to apply to a Master of Architecture (3-4 years) at one many architecture programs in the country. You would not need to apply to an undergraduate program.

Two resources to consider include the following: -- list of accredited NAAB programs; search by degree or region of the country. -- list of programs with more detailed information.

As you will need to submit a portfolio, I suggest you consider taking a freehand drawing course as part of your undergraduate Art History degree. Courses in Architectural Technology will probably not be helpful in applying to graduate programs; the curriculum for the MArch will teach you what you need to become an architect.

Dr. Architecture

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