Sunday, June 7, 2009

Becoming an Intern

I am soon to be a junior in high school. As I was reading how to become an intern and the requirements to become one it said that the person would have to bring in resume and a portfolio of some of their work to show the interviewers. Does this apply to high school students as well? Just curious. Thank you!

It depends. If you are seeking an internship as defined by the profession -- a full-time employment opportunity, the answer would be YES. When seeking an internship, you are demonstrating your skills and abilities through the resume and portfolio to the potential employer.

However, for high school students seeking internships that may be during the summer, the answer could be NO; of course, I would think that these HS students should have a resume, but may not have a portfolio. These internships might be for the summer or only for a week or two. In these cases, a portfolio may not be required, but it could be helpful.

Writing a resume is not at all difficult, but does take time. At minimum, list out your high school, accomplishments, etc. It will be more difficult to do a portfolio, but you can start by collecting your drawings or creative work. Check out -- to ideas.

A final word -- if you bring a resume and portfolio to a meeting with an employer, you will have an advantage over your classmates. Also, consider obtaining Becoming an Architect: A Guide to Careers in Design.

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I have 2 jobs here in Guam,and a high school graduate with diploma,as a lifeguard(Resopa[local company], officer(G4S world wide securicor)also taking class for "CLSO"which is a pin of recognition that i can go and apply as security anywhere with my pin of recognition and i can get hired quikly for it.So is there any way I can become an intern relating to that or am I suppose to go to school for that.