Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where to Start?

I am incredibly interested in pursuing a Masters in architecture, but have zero artistic/design educational background. I recently graduated with a BS in Economics (so I've got the math side down), but am very confused as to how I would get myself started with architecture. Do you recommend I take intro art classes first? I do not have a portfolio and it appears that this is one of the main pieces of getting into an architecture masters program.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.


As you state, all MArch programs not only require a portfolio but many also require a freehand drawing course prior to admission. The course, a life or figure drawing course, can be taken at an area community college if desired. It is an opportunity to develop your drawing skills but also possibly obtain a letter of recommendation from the instructor.

In addition, begin to draw every day. Purchase a sketchbook and draw everyday objects -- shoe, chair, etc. Do not worry about quality but focus on developing your ability to see. In addition, begin to become aware of your built environment.

You could also consider attending a summer program --

If you are near an architecture program visit to talk with students even if you do not wish to attend. Attend their lecture series, etc.

Dr. Architecture

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