Sunday, November 9, 2008

IDP Friendly Firms

I am a recent M.Arch graduate and I would like to inquire about a list of architectural firms in New York City that participate in the IDP program. If there is no official list, could you then please refer me to a couple of firms that have participated in the past? Or could you at least give me a hint where or how to find current job openings for entry-level positions at firms that are willing to participate in the IDP program?

First, there is no such list of firms that participate in IDP for NYC or any other location in the country. IDP is a program for interns in the architectural profession not the firms. You should approach firms that you wish to work for and inquire how they support your professional growth in the profession including IDP. In theory, all firms could fit the bill but some firms are more supportive of interns and IDP than others.

Some AIA chapters have lists of "intern-friendly" firms.

AIA Massachusetts

AIA South Carolina

AIA Alabama

Granted, these firms are not in NYC, but the websites might provide ideas on what to look for in firms to which you apply for employment. Remember, your professional growth is your responsibility.

Dr. Architecture

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