Friday, November 14, 2008

Boy Scouts of America Architecture Merit Badge

Are you a Boy Scout? If so, have you obtained your Architecture Merit Badge?

Regardless of whether you a boy scout or not, consider fulfilling the requirements of the BSA Architecture Merit Badge. To begin, review this particular Scoutmaster's blog on the topic.

ScoutMaster Blog: Merit Badge of the Week - Architecture

Below is the requirements for the badge --

Boy Scouts of America - Architecture Merit Badge

It is interesting to note that 2,104 scouts earned the Architecture Merit Badge during 2007. For the full list, visit the Merit Badge Fact Sheet.

Dr. Architecture


Scoutsigns said...

Minor correction: Scoutsigns is the blog--there is actually another Scoutmaster blog...;-)

Thanks for noting the Architecture entry. My hope is that more Scouts, and adult volunteers (Scouters), will get involved with it. Looks like fun!


Cori Wilder said...

I work for the Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, TX and we are hosting a Boy Scout only sleepover in Janurary with programming aimed at fulfilling most of the Architecture Merit Badge requirements you listed. We are planning to incorporate the buildings in our location as examples of Art Deco design and utilize a new traveling that involves the technology of construction and building design. Any ideas on how I can better disseminate the information about this event? Thanks! my email is

Scoutsigns said...

Cori--I can't seem to get the website for the museum to come up, and email has gone unanswered. Please provide me a link so that I can help publicize your event.


Scoutsigns said...

In the comments section, is a working link to the museum's event:

[This did not work on dial-up for me, but did on high-speed.]

Rany Rose said...

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Joshs said...

Really looks like FUN! Perhaps make this a YEARLY cause?!