Monday, September 15, 2008

I am currently a senior and will graduate next spring with a B.S. in Architecture from a public institution. I am in the midst of researching graduate programs in architecture.

Can you explain to me the difference between a Masters of Science in Architecture and a Masters of Architecture?

Also, most schools require 3 letters of reference; I have asked a history of architecture professor to be one and my boss from work to be another. Who do you think I should ask to serve as the third? Thanks!

B.S. in Architecture Senior

First, as a soon-to-be graduate of a preprofessional program, you will want to research architecture programs that offer the NAAB Master of Architecture, sometimes referred to as a professional degree.

The Master of Science is not a professional degree and would not allow you to pursue licensure; they are often referred to as post-professional degrees. If interested in a specific topic, you may wish to pursue this degree after receiving your Master of Architecture. Caution: approximately one-third of the architecture programs title their post-professional degree - Master of Architecture; this is NOT the NAAB accredited degree. Be sure to ask questions of the program if not clear.

Second, I would suggest you obtain your third letter of reference from a design faculty. While faculty who teach lecture or elective courses are fine, it is essential to have one, preferably two from design faculty. Graduate programs want to know you as a designer. I would even suggest a design faculty over a former employer.

Dr. Architecture

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