Thursday, September 11, 2008

High School Summer Architecture Programs

My daughter is interested in architecture and is entering high school next year. At what age do most of the students in your summer architecture program normally enroll (e.g. between freshman an sophomore year or sophomore and junior year, etc.)?

Thanks for letting me know.

Mother of high school student

You would need to check the age requirements with the programs, but most summer architecture programs are geared towards students entering their junior or senior year in high school. Some may allow students entering their sophomore year, but it will vary from school to school. I was involved with two summer programs and our requirement was always a minimum age of 16 because of liability issues.

Below is a website that lists all of the summer programs from summer 2008; we plan to update by late January for summer 2009. You may also visit the main website -- -- for a list of career days throughout the country in the fall.

If this coming summer is too early, check with other institutions in your area -- museums, AIA Chapters, schools, etc. For example, the National Building Museum hosts a summer "camp" targeted at children in grades 3-5 and programs for children age 12-18. Also, check your area for the ACE Mentor Program -- -- this program is a mentor program that starts with students in high school.

For possible other ideas in your area, contact your local chapter of the American Institute of Architects or area architecture program.

Dr. Architecture

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I have just joined an Architecture Program in Canada. I don't have any knowledge about this. I will give you proper reply as soon as possible for this.