Sunday, October 1, 2017

BArch vs. MArch in Australia?

May I please ask you to advise on my following case?

I possess a bachelor degree in Business from India. Additionally, I pursued MSc Construction Project Management from the U.K. Thankfully, I found a job in U.A.E in a company that deals with fire rated Facade in a project managerial role. Currently, the company has placed me in a project in Saudi Arabia - Highspeed Haramain Railway project. I have gathered 1.5 years of work experience in the facade field. 

Since I have an obsession for design, I am desiring to do an architecture degree in Australia. The question is if I should choose a Bachelor degree in Arch. or directly a Master's in Arch. The intention is also to gain PR status in Australia so that I can gain the license. 

Although, your advise has been in North America, I'd imagine with your extensive knowledge and passion, you could show me a pathway.

Thanks for reaching out.

But as you point out, my knowledge base is on becoming an architect in the U.S. not Australia.  I truly do not know the answer you are asking for programs in Australia.  To that end, I would suggest you contact the architecture programs directly and inquire as to whether you should apply to the BArch or the MArch.

I will state that architecture programs in the U.S. would welcome you to apply directly to a Master of Architecture degree with your previous education.  Of course, the duration of the program for you would be 3-4 years.

I am sorry that I am not able to answer your question directly.


Dr. Architecture

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