Sunday, February 26, 2017

Searching for an Architecture Program (LOST).

I am a junior in High School! I really need answers and help! I am 16 and I am so lost when it comes to college. I do not have any colleges I really like yet. I am looking at them as I am writing this. I just really need help and I need to know where to start. What do I even do to apply for a college, which college is the best for architecture? Please help! Thank you so much!


Thanks for your email and congrats on your interest in becoming an architect.

I can appreciate your being lost about choosing a college.  Let me start to help and you can contact me with more questions.
First, access the following website -- it is a list of all of the architecture programs in the U.S.

Access the above website for information on becoming an architect; you can find lots of questions with answers.
Also, a great way to start your journey is to attend a Summer Program - see the list below.
This gets you started, but do contact me with more questions.

Dr. Architecture

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