Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Marketing to Architecture/Exhibit Design

Hello, I am a senior marketing major at Howard University in Washington DC.  I currently work as a marketing intern and museum assistant at an art museum and I am interested in pursuing a masters in architecture to then do civic architecture focusing on museums and exhibition design.  Do you have any suggestions or recommendations on how I can gain more experience and make that transition to museum design, as well as, who to get in contact with for information about exhibition design and gaining more experience
without a design degree?


First, congrats on your interest in architecture.  As you are in the midst of completing your undergraduate degree in marketing, you are certainly eligible to apply to any number of Master of Architecture degree programs across the country.  In most cases, you will take between 3-4 years to complete the degree.  To start the research process, consider visiting the following: -

Both will provide you a list of the programs with more detailed information along with contact information.  In the DC region, you may consider UMaryland, CatholicU among others.  Unfortunately, Howard does NOT have the graduate degree, but you should consider taking a course from the School of Architecture at Howard next spring to generate material for your portfolio.  All graduate programs require a portfolio regardless of your background.

To gain experience, touch base with your internship supervisor for ideas.  Visit the National Building Museum and others to gain exposure.  I did find this group.

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