Saturday, September 6, 2014

Graduate Studies - Right after UG or not.

I'm having trouble deciding whether to do the M.arch program (for non architectural background) straight after undergrad or taking a gap year (or two).  Is it beneficial to work before and gain some real world experience? I don't want to get burnt out but also am thinking that it may be good to go ahead and start my career. Any advice? 
This is always the million dollar question - go straight through or take a year or two between.  
First, I would apply to programs and plan to pursue the degree directly after your program because you can always decide later to not go if admitted.  Next spring, you cannot apply to programs after the deadline if you do not have a position.
Normally, I would suggest you work between degrees to broaden your exposure to the profession, discipline, but can you find employment?  What is your UG degree?
Remember, that most graduate programs for those with a degree in another discipline may be 3-4 years -- taking a year or two in between may be a nice diversion if you can afford it.

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Anonymous said...

I am 25 and come from a Health Sciences background. I am finishing my applications for various M.Arch programs. I am trying not to get discouraged as I have a whole year to wait. I finished my undergrad 2 years ago and did some soul searching and is architecture and design that I want. My parent's think I'm crazy and that I should just find a job and settle. Am I the only one who is nervous or looked at like I'm crazy for switching paths? I am ONLY 25...why shouldn't I be able to try? I'm taking the GRE next month and being out of school for two years... I will definitely need to brush up. I think taking some time to discover what you want in between UG and Graduate is great... unless you already have a set plan as you finish your undergrad. I'm in my ever changing 20's and finally feel passionate about the choice to back to school for Arch.