Sunday, September 1, 2013

India - Civil Engineering to Architecture

Dr. Architect

I found your e-mail from your blog. I am from India, I have completed my B.E in civil engineering but have an interest towards architecture as a career. i plan on pursuing M.Arch but most of the institutions here ask for B.arch as a eligibility criteria. Is there no chance that i can do a diploma course and continue with masters? Please suggest me a solution.

Thank You

Congrats on your completing your BE in Civil Engineering.

First, remember my expertise is on becoming an architect in the U.S.  With that said, you can pursue the Master of Architecture with your undergraduate degree, but in most cases you will need to study between 3-4 years because your degree is not in architecture.

To search accredited programs, visit -- --

Because your degree is related, you may be able to waive some required courses in structures but it will depend on the institutions to which you apply.  Be sure to have all of your course syllabi.

I cannot speak to the educational system in India, but I imagine that the Master of Architecture degrees are for those with the Bachelor of Architecture.

I am sorry I cannot be of more help.  Best.

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