Sunday, June 23, 2013

Which Graduate Program?

I have one more year left in an Interdisciplinary degree that two of my teachers put together for me. I am going to Southeast Missouri State University for a bachelors degree in Construction Management and design/ Interior Design.    

I am debating between SIUC and University of Houston for my Masters. I like both programs equally but SIUC is cheaper and will take less time. U of H on the other hand has been accredited for a longer time but has more resources since it is a larger school but will cost more due to being out of state. The requirements to get instate tuition states that I have to show a will to stay in Texas after college. I will also have to take the GRE for U of H as well but not for SIUC. So I am kinda stuck between both schools. I still have a little less than a year to make up my mind but I am looking to figure out what I want to do sooner. 

Congrats on your pursuit of becoming an architect and your degree from SE Missouri State Univ.

To truly determine the best choice for you, I suggest you first determine what criteria you will use to make the decision.  Below, you mention, cost, length of program, accreditation, and resources.  Which of these is most important? Next important?

Is it worth paying more monies to have the resources of Houston.  Does finishing quicker most important?

Truly, the fact that Houston has been accredited longer should not be an issue.  What is most important is the program you attend is accredited of which both are.

Where do you plan to practice after graduation?  Texas, midwest?  Does the program you attend make a difference?

Are there other factors to consider - faculty, faculties, philosophy, reputation, geographic location?  Keep asking questions of the programs - Houston and SIUC.  Ask to speak or connect with students or recent alums to gain perspective.


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