Saturday, April 13, 2013


Below is the beginning part of an article recently posted on the AIA website concerning the 2012 AIA / NCARB website; it truly has great insight on the picture of current emerging professionals.
If you are on the path to becoming an architect, consider reading --

AIA/NCARB Survey Shows Rosier Picture for Emerging Professionals
More interns are employed and getting licensed than during the throes of the recession
By Jennifer Riskus
In 2010, the AIA/NCARB Internship and Career Survey of emerging professionals took a snapshot of young designers during a time of intense economic contraction, when they were often the first to suffer. But in the two years since, emerging professionals have begun experiencing a rebound, with higher employment levels, more young designers getting licensed, and any remaining unemployment becoming, in most cases, mercifully short.
The 2012 Internship and Career Survey, commissioned jointly by the AIA and NCARB, and conducted by The Rickinson Group, contains a wealth of information on the experiences of emerging professionals as they go through IDP, take the ARE, become licensed, and obtain their first jobs. This survey has been completed five times since 2003, most recently inthe fourth quarter of 2012.

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