Sunday, November 11, 2012


I’m interested in a career in architecture.  I have some questions for you.
What skills are people looking for in industry?
What are some ways to learn the basics?
What do you think I should do before I begin my first class in January? I’ll be starting out with drafting.
Thank You for your time

Thanks for your questions.

A great overview of the profession is from the DOL Occupational Outlook Handbook.

As for skills employers, they are varied -- beyond the traditional skills of design, technical skills, etc., they also want communication, collaboration, and leadership.  A great way to see what they want is to read position descriptions.

To learn the basics, read and sketch.  Go to the library to read volumes on architecture and review websites on the topic.  Purchase a sketchbook and draw what you see which will extend to drawing what is in your imagination.

As odd as it sounds, I would not start out with drafting; drafting is not what architecture is.  Instead, take an art course/freehand drawing to get started.  Try out a 2D design course instead.  Contact an area architect to possibly shadow for the day to learn the profession.

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