Thursday, December 24, 2009

Graduate Admissions

I am so confused where to start as I make this transition. Would a B.S. in biology help in any way for admissions into a graduate program for architecture? What do I need to apply and what is the portfolio made up of? How can I prepare a competitive resume in the next year, since I have probably missed the application deadlines for 2010. Do you think I can get into a program such as Princeton?
I would appreciate your advice! Thanks again for your help.

In applying to a graduate Master of Architecture, what is important in possessing an undergraduate degree regardless of the major; thus, your B. S. in Biology is sufficient in applying.

Most graduate programs require the following but check with each program for specific requirements:

Statement of Purpose
2-3 Letters of Recommendation

For what to include in your portfolio, contact each program to which you are applying, but you will want to include creative work - drawing, artwork, painting, etc. Do not worry about if the work is architectural. Consider taking a freehand drawing course at an area community college to build your portfolio. Another source is --.

As for your likely admission to Princeton, you will need to contact them directly. I am not in a position to comment.

Dr. Architecture

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