Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tests to Become an Architect

Dear Dr. Architecture: I am a freshman at Union Grove High School in Georgia. As part of a career project, I need to investigate what tests should be passed by high school students who want to become architects. Are there special tests in addition to the SAT and ACT? Thanks for your help.

If your desire is to become an architect, there are no actual tests that should be passed while in high school. Depending on your college choice, you may need to submit a portfolio which is not a test but may be a unique admission requirement unique to architecture majors.

For more insight, you may wish to consider obtaining Becoming an Architect: A Guide to Careers in Design.


Unknown said...

hi Dr.

i graduated in 06 and now i know that architect is what i want for my career..the thing is that i perfer to go to a community college to get grades higher to try to get into a better university later on..i need help what are the classes to take and is taking autoCAD this early ok?

leeain said...

Being architect as a career is not really that easy. it seems there is a need for you be able to compete the other designs and make it your signature.